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Joining the Academy of Asian Martial Arts!

If you are interested in joining the Academy you can stop by during the regular scheduled class you would
like to join we will allow you to watch for a brief period of time or use the
contact page to set up an
appointment. For students privacy we frown on "spectators"  If you do not want to make an appointment
you can stop by the school during normal operating hours.
 It is always best to make an appointment and
be on time.
 Or email us.  We will return your email  Our preferred method of contact is email. We have
found phone calls to be non productive.
Our evaluation of customers calling shows a poorer response
rate. It might be human behavior but it appears customers calling seldom are serious and use up a lot of
our time.
Therefore we usually do not answer calls.
All the information you need is on this site.The rates you can find by clicking on the rates below. The
styles we teach and what they are about is on this site and linked to the wikipedia to further clarify them. If
you see anything in blue it is a live link. Click on it . It is there for a reason.


The following are the main programs available.


ADULT KUNG FU PROGRAM ages 12 and up

WU DANG KUNG FU PROGRAM (Tai Chi etc.) ages 15 and up

Questions? Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you. Click here.
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